How to survive Christmas and enjoy food

December 24, 2021

Each end of the year there are numerous family and work events that usually revolve around a great feast to celebrate Christmas and the beginning of the new year. These dates represent a great challenge for those who are following a nutritional plan, either because they have the goal of losing weight or because they want to learn to eat healthier and thus take care of their health. These great celebrations are characterized by an excess of food, as well as desserts that are not recommended due to their nutritional composition. In this post we bring you 6 tips so you can survive Christmas without dying trying.

  1. Plan the events of these dates to be able to cope with them in the best possible way It's very important. Each person will have different commitments on different days, therefore, it is essential to put on paper those days in which we are going to eat or dine out in order to get an idea of how many there will be, how often, and what type of food it will be. It can be a meal at someone's home or a restaurant, a snack at a coffee shop, or ordering dinner at a fast food restaurant. Putting together all the days in which we are likely to overindulge in food and drink makes us more aware and better able to control our intake.
  2. Identify those foods or products that cost us more to resist and that therefore we end up consuming when we have them in front of us. It can be the chips as an appetizer, the nougat, or those chocolates that we like so much. It is not a question of prohibiting the consumption of these products, and less so on these important dates. They are a few days to enjoy with the family, so we can enjoy them, which does not mean abusing them. Instead of 8 chocolates, maybe with one or two you already get the flavor, you enjoy them, and you feel just as satisfied. In addition, the fact of having been able to control it will make you feel better the following days (both psychologically and physically).

  • Visualize each meal and the environment in which it will be made It is a tool used in coaching that is very useful to imagine our behavior and/or response in specific situations. For example, at Christmas dinner there are always bowls of chips to snack on, and you know that if you take one you can't stop to the point that you feel bad afterward from all the ones you've eaten. Visualizing yourself entering the dining room and seeing the bowls of potatoes on the table helps to recreate these sensations and try to identify and address them when the time comes. For example, thinking that it's not worth it and getting distracted until it's time for the first course, which you will enjoy more and won't make you feel bloated afterwards.
  • Prioritize those unhealthy foods or products that you are not willing to give up and which are characteristic of these dates. That is to say, of all the buns, nougats, chocolates, shortbread, etc, that will be on the table, which are your favorites and which ones you can do without. For example, the donut. If you like roscón much more than nougat or chocolates, try not to take the latter knowing that when the time comes you will eat roscón. In this way, you will feel satisfied both with your choice and with the taste of that Christmas product that you like so much. The same goes for alcohol, which is very present at these parties. In this case, try to drink as little as possible, since there is no safe consumption of alcohol. The less the better.

  • Relax and try to enjoy these dates. Family, gifts, meal planning, etc. can be a bit stressful at times. At Christmas, everything is filled with food stalls or unhealthy snacks, so going to the supermarket overwhelmed or buying the last gifts makes us more vulnerable to falling into temptation and buying those churros on the corner or putting them in the grocery cart. He buys her those shortbreads that you hadn't thought of buying, but when you saw them you thought they would make you feel better. Therefore, try to make purchases in advance, and have all the meals organized to be calm and enjoy yourself. You can dedicate a little time each day to meditate or simply to do what you like the most and relax you.

  • Move and exercise. In addition to everything you can do to avoid overeating, it is also essential to stay active during the holidays. Exercise not only helps you feel better physically (which will already be of great help to you), but it also regulates our hormones and our appetite. This is vital so that we can enjoy food without excesses, so try to plan as many workouts as you can throughout the week. Going for walks or doing a yoga session to relax is a good option to stay active on these intense dates.

These tips will help you get through Christmas better. And don't forget to smile. Happy Holidays!

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