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Oorenji is an interactive APP that will help you plan your personalized weekly menu in a simple way, ensuring nutritional balance and the recommended portions of each food.

  • Create your most personalized diet

    Create your physical, psychological, sports profile, tastes, allergies, and much more to generate a diet totally adapted to your goals and needs.

  • integrated security

    All your data is exclusively yours and is not shared internally or externally.

  • Contact an online Nutritionist

    If you need the help of a health professional, you will have the possibility to contact one of ours through the app.

  • Share with your friends

    At Oorenji we want you to enjoy the experience in a global way, sharing what you like the most with your friends and family.

  • The Nutrition your genes need

    Through our customization kits you will be able to understand what is the best diet or sport for your genes, as well as other factors that affect your lifestyle.

  • Challenges and follow-up tailored to you

    With monitoring, challenges and coaching that will help you meet your goals.

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How does the genetic diet work at Oorenji?

Have you ever wondered why diets that work for other people don't work for you? In nutrigenetics you will find the maximum customization of your diet.
We know that genetics determines up to 30% our predisposition to suffer from health problems.

Collecting your saliva sample

The entire process begins with the collection of a sample of your saliva at home and its subsequent delivery in a prepaid envelope. Once analyzed in the laboratory, a series of reports will be prepared and you will have access to the results.

Analysis and generation of results

We carry out the analyzes in our laboratories complying with the highest standards of quality and safety. A personalized report is generated with the analysis and interpretation of your results.

Integration in Oorenji

The results are integrated into the different Oorenji algorithms and applied in the calculation and generation of your diets and recommendations. You also receive a complete report so you can get to know yourself even better.

the ultimate diet

Oorenji will generate a totally personalized diet for you. Based on your needs and preferences: vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, low FODMAP, etc.

Whatever your goal

Lose weight, gain muscle mass or simply learn to lead a healthier life. Oorenji will learn from you and adapt the diet to your tastes and needs, and even your genetics.

Monitoring and coaching

With Oorenji's programs and challenges, you will learn to eat healthy, forgetting the usual boring methods. Also, as you progress, you will win prizes that will unlock the most premium features of the app.

always up to date

Oorenji's algorithms adapt by continually incorporating scientific advances related to food and health.

Easy and healthy recipes

Our health professionals have created more than 3,000 healthy and fun recipes so you can configure your meal plan, whatever your tastes and preferences.

Recipes that suit you and your lifestyle:

  • Vegan Recipes.
  • Keto Recipes.
  • Recipes to improve your immune system.
  • Quick recipes.

Thousands of people have already discovered Oorenji...

They have already achieved their weight loss goals, improved their lifestyle and made their diet healthy, sustainable and sustained over time. You also can!


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Our team

At Oorenji we are committed to bringing together artificial intelligence, big data analytics, omics sciences and traditional nutrition, to deepen our understanding of human health and general well-being.

Francisca Serra

Francesca Serra

Professor of Nutrition

Pau Obrador

Pau Obrador

Computer Engineer

Gabriel Vidal

Gabriel Vidal

Doctor of Physics (AI/ML)

Amil Lopez

Amy Lopez

Doctor of Pharmacy and Nutrition

Lara Menéndez

Lara Menendez

Digital marketing

Marta Alonso

Martha Alonso

Doctor in Personalized Nutrition

Raul Gil

Raul Gil

Master in Nutrigenomics

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, check this section before contacting us

Oorenji is an interactive APP that will help you plan your personalized weekly menu in a simple way, ensuring the nutritional balance and the recommended portions of each food (meat, fish, chicken, legumes, fruits, vegetables and cereals). It will also help you meet your goals in an innovative and fun way.

Oorenji generates menus with the optimal distribution of calories and macronutrients for each person based on their age, sex, physical activity and physiological situation, based on its artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. It offers more than 20 types of diets: Mediterranean, weight loss, keto, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, Tupperware, for athletes, pregnancy, lactation, for pathologies, etc. Select how many meals you want to plan in your weekly menu, 3 or 5, also select the degree of difficulty of the proposed recipes and if you want to avoid any food that you do not like or to which you have an allergy or intolerance. In your weekly menu, you can change any of the recipes for one of the alternative options offered by the application. Contains more than 2,000 recipes reviewed by nutritionists and chefs. They are simple and tasty. You can group your favorite recipes in a folder and explore new recipes by selecting the ingredients you have in your pantry or fridge. You can consult the nutritional information of your diet both at the level of macronutrients and micronutrients and ratios of healthy nutrition: kcal, sugar, proteins, carbohydrates, types of fats and fiber.

To start with our method and the supervision of one of our nutritionists, you only have to subscribe through the app, and one of our experts will contact you immediately to create your first personalized diet. We work on different pathologies (thyroid, digestive, rheumatic problems...), sports (increased muscle mass, running, cycling...), weight loss (diet from 2 to 4 kg, from 4 to 6 kg or more than 6 kg), vegetarian, vegan...
All our diets include your personal space that you can access in the app to update weight and contours every day, as well as a short survey. The diets that will be updated weekly have a complete weekly menu, shopping list, recipes and tips for you to carry the week well. In addition, you will be accompanied at all times by a personal advisor who will monitor you and help you with everything you need.

Get your personalized nutrition for free and choose between a Mediterranean or vegetarian diet. With weekly menus, healthy recipes, shopping list and graphs of your evolution.

The best way to take care of yourself is by designing an exclusive diet for you, based on nutritional genetics and with the help of health professionals. For that, we put at your disposal different Premium plans that include:
More premium personalized diets with more defined goals
Wider range of personalized diets: vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and Keto, intermittent fasting. And with different objectives; diets to lose weight, diets to maintain your weight or diets to improve your performance.
Personalized diet with monitoring, evaluation and contact via chat with a nutritionist.
We prepare your personalized diet by our nutritionists, who will also monitor your evolution and through a chat you can comment on progress and possible changes in the nutrition plan.
Personalized diets with nutrigenetic and/or metabolic test.

Oorenji's genetic kit is based on analyzing a series of genetic variants that have a known effect on the tendency to gain weight, on the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, your food preferences, etc. Oorenji's algorithms estimate your genetic predisposition and, based on it, define personalized eating guidelines, specific lifestyle and exercise recommendations. The application of the latest scientific advances allows you to extract the maximum performance from your genes for the benefit of your health.

No, there are many different genetic tests on the market; Some of them are based on analyzing many genetic variants, more than 700,000, but without the necessary interpretation they are not useful. That is why our test focuses on that, on the interpretation of the relationship of the most relevant genes in the interaction with the most important foods in your daily life, your lifestyle and sports, etc. Today the key for a genetic test to be useful is in the interpretation of the results and not in the number of variants it analyzes.

We will have the results between 10 and 15 working days after we receive the kit.

Privacy is the most important thing for us. Your genetic information is yours and yours alone. The results are encrypted and strict security measures are applied throughout the processing of the data to protect your security.
In addition, from the moment your sample enters the laboratory it is treated anonymously without there being any way to relate it to your data and contact information.

Yes. For more information, contact our team in the form below or write to info@oorenji.com

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Premium subscription plans

The best way to take care of yourself is by designing an exclusive diet for you, based on nutritional genetics and with the help of health professionals. For that, we put at your disposal different Premium plans that include:



  • Access to thousands of easy and healthy recipes created by our team of nutrition professionals.
  • Creation of unlimited diets: Vegan, keto, paleo, intensive to lose weight, etc.
  • Unlimited custom chainring changes for perfect planning whatever your philosophy.
  • Personal shopping list.
  • Access to challenges and programs coaching.

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  • All the functionalities of the BASIC plan.
  • All the features of the PROFESSIONAL plan during the first month.
  • Nutrigenetic test analyzing the interaction of your genes with food, sports and lifestyle.
  • Adaptation of your diets and recommendations to your genetics.
  • Detailed report of all the analyzed genes that will serve you for the rest of your life.

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